Residential Alarm Systems

Our team is committed to protecting the homes of our clients and family – extending beyond a mere promise or catchphrase.  As an independent business in Southern California, we understand that home security is based on a serious commitment to the protection of your family. Our friendly and attentive team will work closely with you to create a system customized for you, your home and your lifestyle.

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Have an Existing System?

Total Protection provides dedicated home security monitoring for almost any type of pre-installed alarm system. Did you just buy a home with an alarm? Or perhaps you are looking to reactivate your unused home security system? This can mean big savings for you! By having our professional installers use a conversion device, we can use your existing home security system and begin monitoring with big savings.

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Cellular Connections 

One of the most secure methods to protect your home, a cellular connection works just like a cell phone and requires no wires to connect to our monitoring center. This eliminates the opportunity for thieves to bypass your protection by simply cutting the wires that lead to your home.


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