Monitoring Center

Fully Staffed Security Alarm Monitoring Station

American Two Way Security Alarm Monitoring Station LogoReal-time alerts, alarms and events you want to know about during your day are now possible with our monitoring center partner, American Two-Way.  ATW has the latest and secure systems that will accommodate your every need. See what’s possible today.

Web Remote Access
Our technology partners have the tools to help you be in two places at the same time. This is all achieved by your current internet access be it your mobile phone device, laptop, or desktop computer.

Secure Communications
At American Two-Way, our monitoring partner, phone systems have been configured for reliable and fully redundant service. ATW has created proprietary hardware to uniquely and effectively tie together our monitoring software systems, our alarm receivers and our phone switches into a smoothly working whole, allowing us to meet our audio verification needs more effectively than perhaps any other Communications Center anywhere.

All Calls are Recorded
Every call from our monitoring center is recorded for your protection, through the use of next-generation video capture system, we are also able to include visual recording of our emergency dispatcher’s screens as well. This provides a full audio and video archive of all events.

Secure Facility
The team and equipment responsible for monitoring Total Protection is located within an Emergency Communications and Response Center, housed in a secure building. American Two-Way, our monitoring partner, is fully listed with Underwriters Laboratories to monitor and respond to Burglary and Fire systems. ATW is regularly inspected to ensure that we meet or exceed all government standards.


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