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New Customers:

“How much does an alarm system cost?”
Please check out the different alarm pricing packages under the packages tab.  For more custom designs and prices, you can call us at 1-800-900-1330.

“Is there an extended warranty?”
All new Total Protection installs come with 100% warranty on parts and labor.  This warranty is in effect as long as you are being monitored by Total Protection and your account remains in good standing.  Some restrictions apply.  Please call us today at 1-800-900-1330 for further warranty details.

“Is a telephone line needed for my alarm system to work?”
No.  A telephone line is only one option of alarm communication.  Cellular or Broadband are also forms of alarm communication that may work for you.  Please call Total Protection at 1-800-900-1330 today to find out what method of communication makes the most sense in assuring your family stays protected.

“What happens if someone cuts my phone lines?”
If your alarm system is communicating through cellular or broadband and someone was to cut your phone line your alarm service would NOT be affected whatsoever.  In the event your phone line is cut and a telephone line is your only means of alarm communication, the system will not be able to relay a signal to the central station.  To avoid this problem, you can have cellular communication hooked up to your system as a primary or back-up means of communication.

“Is there a contract?”
Yes.  Under California State law, all monitored alarm systems must have a valid written contract.

“What does a UL listed central station mean?”
Underwriters Laboratories has strict standards for alarm monitoring companies.  UL standards cover building structure and security, equipment redundancy, staffing and training, power and many other areas of alarm operations.  A “UL Listed Central Station” is an alarm monitoring facility that has demonstrated the ability to meet UL requirements on an ongoing basis.  Annual inspections by UL assure continued compliance.  Meeting UL standards is costly, time consuming and completely voluntary.

At Total Protection, we are proud to use American Two-Way as our monitoring center, a fully licensed UL Listed Central Station.  Adhering to these high standards means our customers can be confident in their decision to use Total Protection.

“I have pets in my home, will that affect my protection?”
Total Protection installs Pet Immune motion detectors that will ignore most pets up to 50-60lbs.  If your pet is under weight you can arm the system in the “away” mode and they will not trip the motion sensors.  If your animals weight more than 50-60lbs and will be in your home while the system is armed, you would simply arm the system to “stay” mode.  This arms all door and window sensors, but not the motion detector.

“If my power goes out will my alarm system still work?”
Yes.  In the event you lose electricity, the back up battery will activate to maintain your security protection.  The alarm system will notify you when the back up battery becomes low.  A variety of factors determine how long your back up battery will last, but generally they can last anywhere from 12-24 hours.  Once power is restored, the back up will be recharged by the system.

Existing Customers:

“What does the yellow triangle mean?”
If you have a yellow triangle illuminated on your keypad, it means the system is trying to tell you something.  Various different things will cause the triangle to light up from a low battery to a power failure.  If your triangle light is lit and not clearing, please call us at 1-800-900-1330 to speak with one of our technicians to help you identify the problem.

“My alarm is beeping at me – what do I do?”
It depends on what make of alarm system you have.  Here are ways to silence the beeping on a few of Total Protection’s most popular alarm panels:

DSC: Hit the “#” key

Ademco: Hit the “*” key

AT&T: Press the “messages” button on your panel as many times as is needed to cycle through all the messages.  When you are done, the screen should be returned to -0.

Please note that usually these are temporary fixes to silence the alarm.  The beeping will eventually return if the problem is not corrected.  Please call 1-800-900-1330 to speak with a technician if you are experiencing this problem.

“My alarm is going off and I can’t stop it.  What should I do?”
Usually, simply entering your 4-digit code will get it to stop (You may have to enter it more than once).  If that doesn’t work, you may need service on your system.  If your alarm is going off, don’t forget to call the central station at 800-459-6731 to make sure authorities are not being dispatched to your location.  You may call 1-800-900-1330 to set up service during normal business hours.

“What is the difference between a keypad code and a password?”
A keypad code is a 3 or 4 digit number used to arm and disarm the alarm system.  These codes are NOT known by Total Protection employees unless specifically asked to be kept on file.  A password is a word or number that you come up with used to identify yourself to Total Protection and/or Central Station when the alarm is triggered or when you are requesting certain account information.

“Can I have more than one user code?”
Yes, most alarm systems do allow for multiple user codes to be stored.  Please call us today at 1-800-900-1330 to find out if yours can and how to add or delete different user codes.

“How do I change my contact numbers or add more numbers to the list of people notified?”
If you would like to change any information on your account including passwords and/or contact numbers, we need something in writing requesting to do so.  Please feel free to fax the changes to 714-533-0844, or mail to 1440 S. State College Blvd. #5L Anaheim, CA 92806.  The changes will be made as soon as a written request is received.

“Who do I contact for technical questions?”
Please call 1-800-900-1330 to get in touch with one of our technical experts.  If it is after normal business hours, please leave a message and our on-call technician will return your call immediately.

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