With Total Protection’s C24 Interactive Systems, you have the ability to arm and disarm your home or business security system from almost anywhere in the world. But having Total Protection’s C24 Interactive Services can be much more than just remote security. It can be home automation as well. Control your thermostat and lights with the touch of a button and remotely view live video of your home from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Call us today for an affordable home automation system that’s customizable and easy to use.

  • Help save energy and money by adjusting lights and thermostats when you are away
  • Add additional appliances, lights, and other devices to customize your home automation system
  • Remotely view what’s going on in your home when you are away by connecting cameras to the system
  • Customize notifications to let you know all of your alarm history


Automation Page Image showing mobile phone with different home automation features.

With automation systems from Total Protection, we build a custom installation using Z-Wave technology.  This technology allows for your lights to shut off when you’re at work, and turn back on to welcome you when you return home, saving energy and money. You could then introduce more functions to this basic setup. Just add automation to your garage door, entry, and security system. When you arrive from work, push a button and all your devices will work in concert — the garage door will open, your entryways will light up, your security system will recognize you, and your front door will unlock.

All of this can be achieved with just one button. Interested? Call 800-900-1330 or visit our quote request page.

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